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Your Purpose Is Bigger Than Your Obstacles

When you are facing obstacles do they seem extremely big? You try to go around them, over them or under them and it just doesn't work. Can this be because you have allowed your obstacle to be bigger than your purpose? Maybe you have accepted the fact that your obstacle will not allow you to live the life that you dream of living. It is just too hard!

Now why is that? Is it easier to give in than stay driven? Is it easier to feel like it won't work, because that is what you have convinced yourself even before you gave it a try? It breaks my heart to know that there are amazing, purpose filled people allowing their obstacles to hold them back, set them back and stop them!

I am not saying obstacles are easy to overcome. I will be the first one to tell you that I know they are not. Some of them can even have a hold on you for years. And some of them cause great heartache and pain. But you still deserve to live a fulfilled life.

You are always going to face obstacles. So you have to believe in your heart that your purpose is bigger than your obstacle. No matter how big your obstacle seems. I have faced some pretty big obstacles myself. And there were many times that I felt like giving up. There were times that I felt like the burden was too much to bear. Or that it was too hard to keep pushing through the pain. But I had a mind shift that allowed me to focus on what is on the other side of my obstacles. My mind shift saved my purpose.

How can a mind shift happen? Well it can happen like this. Instead of focusing on what you are going through. Focus on what you are going to. That means instead of allowing your current situation or circumstance to break you. Allow them to empower you to do more, have more, give more and be more.

When you visualize how you are coming out, that can inspire you while you are going through. When we realize that our purpose is bigger than our obstacle it is a feeling that is hard to describe. You appreciate the struggle, because you know that there is something bigger in store for you.

You understand that you have been created for greatness. You understand that God has not forgotten about you. You begin to realize that some things are simply a test. Just like when we were in school. When we successfully passed a test we were able to go to the next level.

Sometimes it seems as if life throws tests at us. These come in the form of obstacles. But even though the obstacle is there, please understand that you still have to live in purpose! And one day you will look back at that obstacle and realize even though it was purpose was BIGGER.