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Who Doesn't Pick Up Dog Poop?

Our pets need their outdoor exercise - we as dog owners are well aware of that. They love the fresh air and sunshine just as we do. We both need the experience of enjoying a quick walk or romp at the park. And as responsible dog owners, we all know the importance of carrying and using our dog poop bags when they attend to their usual business while outside. But who has made the decision not to use these poop bags? Who will not pick up the dog poop? You have probably all witnessed the scenes that follow.

1) "The oblivious." We have all noticed this person when outside. As their dog starts to squat and poop, they will quickly look in the opposite direction and continue speed walking, sometimes dragging their pooch right along with them. Their intention is to get as far away from the dog waste as possible; hoping that no one will think it belongs to their pet.

2) "The pretender". You find this person searching frantically for their dog poop bags. If they are aware that others have noticed their dog making a mess, then of course they will have to act. They will look at the mess and make the motions of searching for their poop bags, sort of like when you realize that you don't have your wallet at the check-out counter. Then they will loudly exclaim "My goodness, I must have left them in the car. Common boy, let's go get the dog poop bags". Then off they will rush to their car and then get in and drive off, leaving the dog waste for someone else to step in.

3) "The Important Man". This is usually a man. He will probably be on a cell phone talking very loudly. He will have that all-important air about him. When his pet does his duty, he will look down, continue talking on his phone and then just walk away like it never happened. This owner and his dog are more important than anyone else on this planet and his pet can do whatever he wants wherever he wants, just like himself.

4) "The Rich Lady". She assumes that someone else is being paid to take care of things like this. Her thoughts are usually "Don't I already pay someone to take care of this? Like those men in the orange vests who are mowing the lawns. I'm sure they take care of things like this". So she is probably a kind soul, just unknowledgeable and unprepared.

I'm sure you can think of more. Our job is to educate people. And our job is to call people out. Sometimes loudly if we need to. We must explain that this rule is not optional - it is the law.

Education is the tool that we need. Dog waste is hazardous to our health and the health of our pets. Dog waste is a pollutant as it threatens our rivers, lakes and beaches. And dog poop is a real pain to step in. The simple solution is to use dog poop bags and a dog poop bag holder, also called a dog walking bag, to safely, conveniently and discreetly fulfill our responsibilities as dog owners.