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The Beauty of the Beautifeel Shoes

If you've been living on the moon (or under a rock - whatever the case) for the last 10-15 years, you might have not heard of the beautifeel shoes. And that's ok, but I'm telling you, if that's case than you've really been missing out on something. Until some years ago, comfortable shoes meant ugly shoes. They felt great, but you didn't get much pleasure out of looking down at your feet while wearing them. They where not Beautifeel Shoes.   When they first came out, in 1990, they changed that. No longer you had to suffer just in order to look good. These days you can have both style and comfort in one pair of shoes. Now I know that may surprise you a bit, but it's true. They use a mix of natural materials to build comfort and to create the perfect position for your feet. And above all that greatness, there's that touch of beauty, elegance and style we all enjoy looking at. As the President of BeautiFeel Shoes, Ami Bar-Nahor states: "BeautiFeel women do not have to compromise - they can have the best of both worlds. They can wear well-fitted, comfortable shoes and still look elegant."   So that's the real beauty of these shoes: harmony. Both style and functionality work together in the shoes, like a concert orchestra that blends many instruments together to create a singular, unique piece of music. At least that's what they say. And it's so true. I mean I can tell you that as a woman and as a mother. My teenage daughter and most of her friends wear nothing but beautifeel shoes and I get a kiss on the cheek every day for letting her know that this stuff is even out there, which most teenagers wouldn't even be looking for.   The beautifeel shoes are already selling out in stores all over the United States and are starting to penetrate the European markets as well, so if you haven't grabbed a pair yet, than stop making up excuses and get one. You can thank me later.