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Marketing to Fear is No Way to Develop Brand Loyalists

Fear is one of the greatest motivators of humankind, and therefore, is one of the easiest emotions to market to for those in the business world. Nevertheless, I do not recommend that you use fear to market to your brand loyalists. Rather, it is important to establish your brand in a positive light, and empower those individuals, becoming one with them.

Take the Nike brand and symbol for instance, they do not promote the fear of losing if you don't wear their shoes. Instead, they promote the vision of winning if you wear their shoes. In other words, winners wear their shoes, and losers don't. They don't go out and say that you will lose if you don't wear their sportswear, or put their shoes on your feet. They could very easily market to that fear and sell lots of shoes, no doubt.

In fact, it might be easier to sell more shoes this way and spend less money and marketing, and advertising. But with Nike it's more important to Develop Brand Loyalists. People who wear their shoes because it says "I am a winner" and it says "I like to win, and winning, commitment, strength of character, and perseverance is what I stand for!"

Now, I suppose that if you are marketing insurance services, you might market to the "fear effect" but at the end of the day, even the insurance companies do not use fear techniques in their slogan, instead, they empower you with a sense of safety and security. Do you see that point? You should, and it is a very big point indeed.

Even if you run a very small business I want you to remember this, market to the positive when trying to build your brand, don't market to Fear if you are trying to develop your brand loyalists who will take your product or service and logo and make it part of who they are. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.